There are two experiences in my life that have taught me what it means to fully embody a clear and unyielding sense of passion and purpose. The first is being a mother. The second is becoming a full-time healing arts practitioner and educator--a career path that has elevated every aspect of my life. I went from toiling away in a series of semi-satisfying positions that certainly served me in important ways (for which I am deeply grateful), to having the total package. Not only do I enjoy a financially sustainable alternative medicine career, I deeply love serving the people who entrust me with their care and learning. My intension is always to operate from an energy field of loving kindness, to provide skillful, highly-customized treatment, and to gently nudge others toward a deeper expression of their own passion and purpose. My name is Adriena )Z( Dame. I am the founder of HighVibe Healing Arts Academy & Clinic.

I extend oodles of heartfelt gratitude to our growing team of educators, administrators, community partners, personal support squad, spirit guides, clients and students--all of whom make HighVibe and its dynamic reach possible.

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