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HSIMB Application

Application Process

1. Review our entire website (be sure to determine if we have a Learning Pathway & Schedule that suites your needs, and only apply if we do).

2. Complete an HSIMB Application (our application review panel meets once a week to make application decisions for all applicants whose 2 references have responded to our inquiry)

3. Upon approval with Acceptance Letter, submit tuition deposit.

4. Complete enrollment process during designated enrollment period.

5. Complete Payment Requirements.


Have questions? You're invited to first review all of our program details on our website, and if you have questions, request a call back from one of our staff members by texting your first & last name followed by "HSIMB" to 502.821.0305.


Program Catalog

Review in advance of submitting application.


One Term lasts for approximately 6 months.

Schedule is subject to change at any time.


Schedule A

Completed in One (1) Term. Meets:

Tuesday 9am - 1pm

Wednesday 9am - 6 pm

Thursday 9am - 1pm

Schedule B

Completed in One (1) Term. Meets:

Tuesday 3pm - 7pm

Wednesday 9am - 6pm

Thursday 3pm - 7pm

Schedule C

Completed in Two (2) Terms. Meets:

1st Term: Tuesday & Thursday 9am - 1pm

2nd Term: Wednesday 9am - 6 pm

Schedule D

Completed in Two (2) Terms. Meets:

1st Term: Tuesday & Thursday 3pm - 7pm

2nd Term: Wednesday 9am - 6pm

Schedule E

Completed in Two (2) Terms. Meets:

1st Term: Monday 9am - 6pm

2nd Term: Wednesday 9am - 6pm


Small class sizes are our jam. Enrollment is limited. 

Early admission is encouraged to reserve your spot and prepare financially.


LATE REGISTRATION NOTE: Prospective students who register late (between 1-30 days before the start of classes), are to submit the following lump sum upon acceptance to get caught up: $2,250 (This includes the required $500 minimum deposit + $1,750 minimum down payment) AND the minimum monthly payment associated with the payment plan of your choice (see payment plans on FAQ page). 


Two references are required. One reference can be anyone except a family or clergy member, and one can be from an educational instructor or employment supervisor.

Thank you for enrolling in to HighVibe School of Integrative Massage & Bodywork! 

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