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How is HSIMB Different from Other KY Programs?

HSIMB is rooted in a deep and abiding understanding of the oneness of humanity. We are all energy vibrating a various frequencies that ultimately impact our mind, body and spirit. And due to the complexity of our design, the subtle energies (chakras, meridians, and other energetic expressions) and mental/emotional states of being, are just as important to consider as the human body. HSIMB values and teaches:        ​

  • trauma-sensitive care

  • dual-focused core-content learning experience from Western AND Eastern therapeutic traditions

  • whole-person approaches

  • career sustainability and financial planning

  • real-world application 

How do I enroll in the HSIMB Program?

Submit our online HSIMB Enrollment Form and a $500 non-refundable tuition deposit.

How much is tuition?

Total Tuition for our 670-hour program is $7,500 (scholarships available).

Do you offer Scholarships

When scholarship of any kind are offered, they are contingent upon completing the program. Early withdrawals forfeit any monies awarded, and full tuition becomes due. 

How long does it take to complete the program?

The HSIMB program can be completed in 8-16 months depending on the class offerings available per term, and how many classes you take each term

Are Payment Plans Available

Yes. Monthly payment plans are available. Full payment is due by the last month of the student's last consecutive term. 

Do You Offer Student Loans?

We partner with a student loan company that prospective students can apply for to reduce their monthly tuition payments while they are still in school and delay paying the greater portion of their tuition until after they graduate (up to 36 months).

Do I have to Study & Take Tests?            

Yes. Absolutely. If you want to successfully complete the HSIMB program, you must study. The number of study hours per week depends on you--how you are as a learner, if you are using effective study methods, . . . However, in general, expect to set aside approximately 8-12 hours of study time per week. 

What are the steps for professional licensure?

1. Complete an approved educational program.

2. Pass the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx).

3. Complete the application process with the KY Board of Licensure for Massage Therapy.

Do you offer job placement?

HighVibe Healing Arts Academy offers a Career Support Program for qualifying graduates of HSIMB). While we make no guarantees of future employment, expressed or implied, we offer the following opportunities:

(1) inclusion in our alumni directory

(2) job referrals/leads 

(3) opportunities to self-promote at community events

(4) career development trainings

(5) special continuing education rates for select trainings 

Do students have to do a practicum?

Yes, students are required to do practice hours for each class. Additionally, students are required to complete a 30-hour internship serving the public in our clinic.

Are Students Allowed to Receive

Payment for Massage Services?

No. Students are not allowed to receive a fee, tip or other compensation for the massage and bodywork they perform while they are in school and any time prior to receiving their license.

Do you offer continuing education courses for LMT/LMBT's?

We offer a variety of CE courses at our school. Some of these courses are taught by our instructors, and some are taught by visiting instructors. Online registration is available.

Can I transfer credits from a previous school?

The only credits that can be transferred to our program from another school is approved college-level Anatomy and Physiology courses. 

What happens if I can’t make it to every class?

While we highly recommended that you attend each class, we

understand that that life is a multidimensional experience, and that there may be times that you have to miss. You can make up the hours you missed by attending the community events that HighVibe participates in or by doing additional internship hours. You are also urged to make friends with your classmates so they can help fill you in on the course content. 

Are you Accredited?

We private school approved by the Kentucky Department of Proprietary Education.

Do I need strong hands?

No, you do not need strong hands. We teach you not only the proper body mechanics when you are using your hands, but many different techniques to use other parts of your body to avoid hand injury and overuse.

Where can I work as a massage therapist?

The options are limitless with Massage Therapy, including working in a wellness clinic, chiropractic office, physical therapy office, day spa, mobile context, your own private practice, and beyond.

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