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On the journey of embodying my soul's mission to be of service to seekers of health, wellness, and life satisfaction, I have encountered two overwhelming realities: (1) trauma-informed care and health equity practices are often lacking, even in the world of alternative medicine, and (2) way too many people are toiling away at disempowering, disappointed "jobs" that barely meet their financial needs and rarely meet their need to exercise healthy doses of autonomy and creativity. So, I set out on a path to forge opportunities to help others who are drawn to the healing arts to discover pathways to professional sustainability in what I think of as a most gentle and malleable career path.


My name is Adriena )Z( Dame. I am the founder of HighVibe Healing Arts Academy & Clinic.

I extend oodles of heartfelt gratitude to our growing team of educators, administrators, community partners, personal support squad, spirit guides, clients and students--all of whom make HighVibe and its dynamic reach possible.

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Need to Speak with a Team Member?

Send a "Please Call" text and your name to:



106 Cannons Lane

Louisville, KY 40206

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