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Faculty & Staff 


The founder of HighVibe Healing Arts Academy, HighVibe Living Holistic Care Clinic, and The HiGHV, a local 501c3 non-profit, Adriena has over 20 years of combined experience as an educator of diverse subjects, and is adept at creating dynamic, highly accessible and interactive learning experiences. An active health, wellness and death educator, continuing education trainer, motivational speaker, writer, and former instructor at Spalding University, Indiana University Southeast, and other higher and secondary education institutions, Adriena believes in the transformative power of learning.


She is also a witchy, multi-sensing intuitive, death doula, and practitioner of a spectrum of life-elevating therapies that address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of those seeking compassionate, whole-person-centered care. 


Dana is a Certified Health Coach, Licensed massage therapist, Registered Yoga Instructor, Mother, Singer/Songwriter and Intuitive. She has over 20 years of experience studying and working with the physical and energetic components of the body. Dana has worked in upscale spas, chiropractic and physical therapy offices, and has taught yoga in Louisville, and across the Midwest. The owner of Empower You Whole Body Health, Dana has a passion for holistic approaches to healing and believes in forming a bridge between modern and ancient wisdom.



Erin began her career in massage therapy back in 2005 after graduating from the Healing Arts Center in St. Louis, Missouri. A native of Louisville, she returned home to start a private practice, and since 2017 has been a massage therapist for Norton Cancer Institute at the Children's Hospital helping patients and families with an oncology diagnosis. Her education and classes include medical massage, pediatric massage, Jin Shin Jyustu, oncology massage, and energy work. She is passionate about ensuring that students have all the skills to become successful LMTs while learning in a welcoming and diverse environment. Erin enjoys time with her family, hiking, yoga, pilates, and reading. She believes when we start to see people as more than just body parts, the healing can begin. 


As a child, Nicole imagined she would grow up to be a healer (her first dream was to join the Peace Corp!). After setting her sights on medical school, discovering that the traditional medical model was not in alignment with her idea of healing, earning her BA in Liberal Arts at Wichita State University, and ultimately working in the corporate world for over 20 years, while self-studying or going to school to learn many philosophies of natural healing, she finally discovered the gifts of therapeutic massage and working with subtle energy (vital energy). With over 10 years of  experience in manual therapies, energy healing, and bodywork using several modalities (Swedish massage, myofascial, reflexology, prenatal, hot stone, etc.), Nicole is delighted to share the infinite wonder of the healing arts with others, and is thrilled to continue to learn and grow. She believes in the wisdom, "Each one, teach one," and is committed to creating a victorious, learning atmosphere for students in the same manner that she is passionate about helping clients heal and achieve their personal goals.


Julia began her career as a Personal Trainer 20 years ago in response to addressing her own fitness goals. In the the process, she discovered that she also enjoyed educating and motivating others. As a professional Health Education Specialist, Julia specializes in facilitating public awareness of communicable diseases in an effort to minimize the spread of such disease and to lend opportunities for individuals and agencies to make informed decisions about their health. Her keen attention to detail, organization, troubleshooting, and quality control skills not only frame the excellent work she does as a licensed private investigator, they have paved the way for her role as manager of HighVibe Living.




Rebecca Sturgeon is the co-author of Oncology Massage: An Integrative Approach to Cancer Care (Handspring, 2021) and an experienced teacher of massage therapy. She is also the Education Director for Healwell, a non-profit organization whose mission is to touch people affected by illness, teach massage therapists how to provide care safely and effectively, and advocate for access to that care and for a broader role for massage therapists in healthcare.


 As a writer, Rebecca is passionate about the written word and about all forms of human communication. In her massage practice, she focuses on integrating therapeutic massage as part of overall health and wellness care. She is also an experienced mentor to new massage therapists, and facilitator of learning groups. 

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